Here are The Main Differences Between PR and Marketing


It doesn’t take a communications major to tell the difference between public relations and marketing, mostly because the communications majors aren’t any better at differentiating the two fields than anyone else.

There is a lot of confusion about the industry delineations, and advertising throws yet another curve into the mix. The social media revolution has also impacted the industry and made it harder to tell the difference between marketing and information technology.

The key way to differentiate public relations is its focus on the relationships.

Establishing Relationships

Relationships between people are at the core of the public relations field. They can be relationships internal to the organization, or external relationships that drive the business’s growth.

There are no boundaries on the upper or lower size limits of public relations – there are valid PR investments that only involve three people.  Marketing, in contrast, focuses on products and services, which are tied to, but different from, relationships.

The function of the PR movement is to support the organization’s goals and aims. This is not directed at one product line, as a marketing campaign would be, but rather at the overall wellbeing and reputation of the company or organization in the community.

Consequentially, a lot of public relations work is focused on what the organization as a whole is up to, with occasional emphasis on the performance and achievements of particular key players.

Selling Product

Marketing efforts target someone who will buy a product or service. Public relations efforts target a variety of stakeholders. These consumers of PR can include customers, the mainstream or alternative media outlets, employees inside the organization and others who work with and have an interest in the company.

Still confused? Here’s Cory K. breaking it down in a 2 minute video.

3 Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Week


There are different perspectives in public relations, but the industry is going through changes that impact numerous different philosophies.

The changes that are happening in advertising and public relations that books can’t capture because the changes are moving so quickly.

There are professionals who are knowledgeable about multiple verticals and PR challenges who are putting key information out there for public consumption. Some of the best blogs in the PR industry are below, and there are more coming out every week.



Cision has the best newsletter content with a great layout. They’re able to put forward the content that they do because they harness writers who have experience and professional clout to put into well-crafted words.

There are tips like your brand strategy and its Instagram components, and there are great top ten lists advising you on how to leverage the social media landscape to grow a company.

Holmes Report


Holmes Report is another good one, focused on the news of the public relations industry. They showcase stories about the industry and marketplace, and discuss the changing role of public relations in the business world.

Some articles describe the ways to harness Twitter, and others contain the biographies of some of the key public relations leaders in various verticals. Having an insight into the common challenges of the best in the business can make any business owner feel more confident about his strategy!

Brian Solis’s Blog


Brian Solis has a great blog that pulls together the traditional public relations industry, the newer technology that impacts public relations, and traditional advertising media. He has a firm grasp on writing entertaining and engaging articles that apply to multiple industries.